Work from Home Tips: From a “Veteran”

Many of us are now faced with taking our daily jobs home with us. And that is not all – – We are full time employees, home school teachers, cafeteria managers & resource officers.

We see lots of excellent, basic work from home tips being shared. Here are a few tried and true REAL world insights from some of our staff who work remotely 365 days a year!

PANTS. Put on clean pants each morning. Go for some that are a step above your pajama pants but not full fledge pants-pants. Staying in your pajamas day in and day out will send you headed down a rabbit hole that leads to asking what day it is. Getting out of your pajamas first thing will 100% boost your productivity. Don’t ask us why, just trust we have tested it.

DRY SHAMPOO. Enjoying the quarantine life a little too much and letting your appearance fall to the back burner? It happens to best of us. A can of this miracle concoction will have you ready for that video conference that starts in 15 minutes – – that you forgot about. Men too, dry shampoo is not gender specific folks.

FURRY FRIENDS. Expecting your instacart grocery order later in the day? Nope, it’s an hour early. Husband ordered a carry out half gallon of margaritas and taco box for lunch? Ding-dong it’s here. . All of of these will make your dog go b-a-n-a-n-a-s and it will 100% happen during your company wide call. We don’t make the rules, it is just science. {See tips below about quiet zones and mute buttons.}

TEST THE MUTE. Get familiar with this button on your phone and zoom app. Spouse insisting on running the blender during your dial in meeting? Kids climbing on the couch like a jungle gym? Test it. On-Off. On-Off. Ok, now it’s safe to yell.

KNOW THE QUIET ZONES. Rookies hide on the phone in the bathroom. Veterans know the real quiet space is the bedroom closet. Why? Bathroom conference calls will 100% of the time result in an echo. Or a child banging on the door saying “Mom, are you pooping?” during the call. Again, just trust us on this one.

SNACKS. Do not, we repeat, do not take the whole bag to your desk (or make shift couch cubicle). Plate it. Toss it in a bowl. One minute you are having a quick snack, three emails later you’ve eaten an entire bag of potato chips. We must ration the quarantine snacks!

Remember, just about everyone currently has the same circus show going in the background of their calls. Put on clean pants and “show up” every day… and most importantly, just do your best!

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