Why Crabbe Homes?

What sets us apart from other builders out there?  This is a common question that our Sales Team often gets asked. We are not the only homebuilder in the area. We know that our friends, colleagues and competition have admirable qualities. So why Crabbe Homes? What do we feel we have to offer to those looking to build their next home?  

 Our reputation. Crabbe Homes has been building homes since 2005 with over 750 homes built over those years!  We are also one of the largest locally owned private home building companies in our area.  This community has been our home for quite some time, and we are here to stay. 

 Our ability to customize.  We are one of the very few home builders in our price range who has the ability and are willing to customize our homes.  We have a portfolio of standard floor plans ready to build as is, we have an extensive list of selections to customize these plans, and we even have the ability and architectural staff to draw you a home from scratch. From 1,000 square foot starter homes to million dollar custom estates, every home is built with the same attention to detail.

Our Showroom.  We are fortunate enough to have our very own showroom, where you will get the opportunity to meet with our staff one on one to guide you and offer expert advice when selecting the finishes for your new home. No need for driving around town to multiple vendors, your choices can be laid out here all under one roof.

Our Warranty.  Relax, we have you covered! At closing you are given 24/7 access to our online warranty system. Simply log in any mishap that may arise and our team will be in contact within 24 hours.