What We Wish you Knew about Selections

So its almost time to pick your home selections! This is hands down one of the most exciting {& prettiest & priciest!} times during the build process!

Have you ever wondered what candid tidbits we wish we could share with you? During a recent chat with our project manager she listed off a few random tips we would love for you to know before your upcoming selections meeting.

Know what you like. Go with that you are naturally drawn to. Most people lay out their first choice and love it, then spend time worrying about all the other possible choices or scenarios, and then go back to their first choice. Save yourself time and “what if” by going with what you know to be your style.

Everyone has one area that is a “must have”. For some people it is their front door. For others it may be a specific quartz they want. Others it may be an upgraded hardwood. It’s ok to have a must have area. Everyone does, and that’s what makes your home unique to you. 

Bring in those pictures of the color scheme you like. Pictures help us visualize your personal style preferences. For the record, our advice? Neutrals are always easy to work with and decorative items are easy to change out as trends change.

Some upgrades can come later. For example, if you don’t have the budget to upgrade with kitchen pull outs in the cabinets, you can buy them from Lowe’s or Amazon and DIY it later. Love the lighting package but hate one particular light? Switch it later. This way you can use your upgrade budget on your “must have” items and save the not as important upgrades for when the funds are more readily available.