What Buyers Want

There’s no question that our business is all about creating raving fans and beautiful living spaces. So we want to know your thoughts on a recent survey conducted by the National Homebuilder’s Association. The annual NAHB consumer survey says home buyers are most interested in…. laundry rooms.

The 2019 survey reveals that the feature home buyers want most is in fact a laundry room. Almost all prospective home buyers—91%— said a laundry room is essential or desirable. 

Curious about the other features ranked in the top 5?

  • Energy Star–rated windows (89%)
  • Outdoor Patio space (87%)
  • Energy Star–rated appliances (86%)
  • Ceiling fans (85%)

Now, here at Crabbe Homes we know that a place to wash your clothes is essential unless you want to be the smelly kid. But how much emphasis do you as buyers put on this particular room? What key features are you looking for in the laundry room of your next home? Place your order and we will deliver!