Wants, Needs and Dreams – How To Work With Your Realtor To Get The Perfect Home For You

Moving home is one of the biggest decisions you can make – and your most valuable resource while you move is a good realtor. As experienced real estate agents we’ve learned a lot about how to help people find their perfect new home, and we love to share the steps that help our clients move quickly and get straight into their new dream home. Here are the things you might find it helpful to think about as you talk with your realtor about what you want your new home to be.

Think about what you’d like to change

The best first step is to think about what you want to change in your current home. Maybe the light isn’t right in the living space, or maybe you’d like more room in your kitchen – maybe you’ve always dreamed of a dedicated games room, or you’re having a baby and you want to set up the perfect nursery. Whatever you think you’d like to move up a notch about your current home – even if you love it – making a list will help your realtor to pick homes which are going to meet your needs.

This can also be a helpful way of saying goodbye to your old home as you prepare to move: as well as celebrating the things you’ve loved, and the good times you’ve had, thinking about what you want to change can help you to get excited about the good times that are ahead of you as well.

Think about what you’d like to keep

In the same way, saying goodbye to an old home starts with the decision to move – and many of our clients have found it helpful to think about what they love about their current home. As well as making it easier to move with gratitude, not just regret, it also helps them to tell us what they want to keep in their new home from their old home. So if yard space is a big plus for you, or you love the fact that your living room faces east for the morning sun, let us know – we can plan viewings based on what you’re hoping for.

Look at what’s available

If you’re moving because you need to be close to a certain school, or a new office, or within travelling distance of relatives, you’ll also need to look at what kind of communities are available in your price and location range. This is where your realtor can give you great advice – but if there are particular places or neighborhoods you’re really looking for, make sure to say so, and that will become part of how we find the house that’s right for you.

Write down the dream

Finding a great house is often about compromise – something which doesn’t look like you’d expected, but which is perfect in a whole different way, or a house which really hits some of your key ‘wants’ better than you could have hoped for, but maybe doesn’t have a few others. But if you’re working towards a dream, write down the dream! Start from what you need, and what you want, and then write down the things you’d be delighted to have. You never know what a great realtor can find for you, and telling them the dream is the best way to help them help you to find it.

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