We have been in our house in Franklin Meadows for almost 3 weeks now. Items were noticed on the walk-thru and were fixed before we moved in. Overall Crabbe Homes was very nice to work with while buying our house while still stationed in WA.

- Alisha

I can honestly say that Crabbe Homes built the perfect home for us and we were not even looking. My husband wanted to buy a home but we are in the military and I just didn't. He deployed and I happened across the home we now own completely by accident. I scheduled the tour out of curiosity since a friend had just purchased the property next door. Once I walked in I was in love and had to have it. Everything seemed to have been custom built for us, there is storage and space everywhere. The kids love it and my husband came home from deployment to a place we can already call home. It has only been a month since we closed and moved in, but it is already a home and we couldn't be happier.

- Amber

We just entered into a contract with Crabbe Homes and stopped by the showroom today, completely unannounced. Not only were we able to choose almost everything, but Mike Grieff assisted us the whole way. He made suggestions, offered opinions, supported decisions, did research where there were questions and more. We couldn't have asked for better service. Thanks!

- Amy

We are beyond pleased with Crabbe Homes. Their use of BuilderTrend kept us organized and up-to-date on the latest happenings and we loved the fact that specific people were assigned to work with us directly throughout the build process; we never had to guess who to talk to. Any questions or comments were answered promptly and we received first class customer service all the way through. In the end, our home is gorgeous and exactly what we need!

- Amy B.

We have all good things to say about Crabbe Homes, we love our new home. All issues have been minor and addressed immediately! Highly recommend Crabbe Homes.

- Andy

Crabbe Homes is by far the best in the business. After watching them build homes in the area, it was easy for me to decide to use Crabbe Homes to build our "dream home." We love it!

- Anonymous

Mike and Adam were very responsive during the months building our new home. They provided pictures multiple times since we were moving from a couple states away and couldn't check on the house ourselves. We really appreciated the builders website and all the walk throughs we had to ensure everything was perfect. If we were to build again in the area, it would definitely be with Crabbe Homes.

- Chris & Heidi

Crabbe Homes helped our family make one of the biggest decisions in life easy! As a military family new to the area, we traveled all the way from Alaska and had only 10 days to find a place to live in Clarksville. The task was daunting at first as we searched and searched all over town. We were not happy with the selection of homes to either buy or rent and that's when we realized we may need to build. Our real estate agent brought us to The Fields of Northmeade subdivision and we fell in love with one of the homes that was nearly finished. We made an offer on the home immediately only to find that it had already been sold. While it was disappointing the house was not available, John Crabbe told us that he and Grayson could build us the exact house on another lot and we could pick everything out!! As I mentioned before we were on a 10 day time constraint... but here's the beauty of the situation... Crabbe Homes told us that we could live in an apartment complex that they had built for customers waiting for their homes to be built. So our problem was solved... not only were we able have the exact home we wanted built... Crabbe Homes had a nice place available for us to rent until our home was complete. It was a win win situation for everyone involved and it was one less thing that we had to worry about! We've lived in our house for nearly 5 months and the builders have been quick to respond with any warranty issue that becomes a concern. We can confidently say that we would not build again in Clarksville without Crabbe Homes. We love our home and are more happy with our home buying and building experience!

- Clifton & Julie

My wife and I just moved into our new home with our 5 children. We could not be happier! We would recommend Crabbe to anyone that is looking. The whole team made the potentially stressful situation of building a home measurably un-stressful. I know we paid a price for their service, but the service they provided is priceless.

- Daniel

John and Grayson, You were supposed to build us a house but instead you built us a home! And what a GREAT home it is. Since we want this to be our last one, we were very particular about who, where and what we wanted. We watched Crabbe homes going up for over a year, and realized that the quality and workmanship was not an accident or something that you did for just custom built homes. We looked at 25-30 homes, but kept coming back to one of yours. It soon became apparent that Crabbe Homes was the only one that could really build what we wanted. Everyone says that building a home is a sure fire way to get a divorce, but Janice and I had an amazing good time during construction. Nathan and all your sub contractors all took pride in their work and I must say that I watched not only my home, but others they worked on, and from the footers, to the roof the quality is above and beyond. Nathan told me when we started that "if you can dream it, I can build it", and he did! Thanks to you, Nathan and all your subs for building the home of our dreams!

- David & Janice

We were very pleased with our building experience with Crabbe Homes. They were EXTREMELY accommodating and friendly. They didn't just meet the standard for building, but they went above and beyond in every aspect of the home-building experience. Anything that we wanted...they took care of it with a smile, even when we knew it was going to be hard or set them back a bit, it was always "no problem". We began the building process while living out-of-state, and appreciated the website and pictures to keep us updated at all times. They provided us with a nice furnished apartment to accommodate our family once we arrived in Clarksville until our house was finished. We really appreciated this because it allowed us to have a place to live in the process and only have one major move. When school zones for our new home changed during the building process, they bent over backwards to try to keep our kids in the same school. They used the best materials when building and they never cut corners. Their sub-contractors were all friendly and helpful as well. We picked out a floor plan from a site online and they built it for us exactly how we wanted on the lot we picked. We LOVE our house. It turned out beautifully. And once we moved in, it didn't end there with Crabbe Homes. They are very serious about their home warranties and they take care of you--their whole team. We've lived in our new home for just over six months, and when we've had warranty issues come up, they have been quick and thorough in resolving EVERY concern. Through the building process and our interactions with John and Grayson, they have become more than just our "builders", we consider them our friends. When we talk to people about are building experience, they are always amazed by the positive experience we had. Thank you Crabbe Homes!

- Eric & Rozanne

Crabbe Homes did an excellent job on our home. The owner, John, and his staff were very professional and committed to making us happy. During our walk through we found only one noticeable issue with an internal blind and Crabbe fixed it immediately. I highly reccomend building and buying with Crabbe Homes.

- Grace

From start to finish Crabbe Construction and Homes made building our dream home easy! The entire staff was professional and friendly! You can truly tell they care about their customers. We lived over 9 hours away during the majority of our build and they bent over backwards to make things easy for us to build our custom home. Even after closing on our house the staff continues to help us. I couldn't be more pleased with how everything turned out and I would recommend Crabbe Homes to anyone!

- Jessica & James

My husband and I are so thrilled with our new home! We were able to close on May 15 and now that we are unpacked and settled in we are absolutely loving it. The three story floor plan is so unique and suits our family of two very well. I am also so pleased with how much well thought out space there is for storage! Closets, closets, closets! Crabbe Homes did a really nice job on the property (well made and beautiful finishes) and was very easy to work with. I have confidence in their team and would recommend them to anyone looking for a new home!

- Jill Gimbel

We have nothing but positive things to say about Crabbe Homes and The Keller Williams/ Kristin Gwaltney Team. Since the beginning, our Realtor Todd Henderson was very pleasant with all the request we had for our new house. He show us different models and we decided that the Bastogne Model was the perfect one for us but we wanted to add another room. We set up an appointment to discuss this with Mike Greiff and he agreed. This house is our dream house, nothing more, nothing less. We've been living on it for almost 3 weeks and we just had one situation with one of the bathrooms but they took care of it very quickly. If we have the opportunity to recommend you guys to another family or friends, we sure will!!! Thank you for everything to the entire Team!! The Garcia's Family

- Joelly & Manuel

Grayson, John and their team gave us undivided attention. They really took our ideas to the next level! We love our new home and would recommend Crabbe Contruction to everyone!

- John & Susie

We fell in love with a house built by Crabbe Homes that we saw online but when we travelled to Clarksville to look at it, it had already been sold. We met with John and we asked him if he would be building the same house in the same subdivision again. He told us that he would if we wanted it. He would also make any changes to the floor plan that we requested. Before we left that day, John helped us to pick out (in our opinion) the best plot in the subdivision. When we got back to Georgia, we went through a ton of floor plan options and John was great (and patient) with detailing what each plan's pros and cons were. After a lot of discussion, we finally decided on the house we wanted. Since we lived out of state and could only travel on Thanksgiving weekend during the building process, he met with us on that Friday to go through the house and show us how things were progressing. The vendors we went through were also very pleasant to work with and gave us even more options to choose from than those seen on the website. Grayson was fantastic for getting back to us with our millions of questions and Kristin was wonderful with going over all the paperwork that as first-time home buyers, we had never seen before. Since we moved in, Christina is great for solving any problems we have and Howard is the best handy man we have ever met. For anyone who is looking to build a house, or even to buy a house in this area, we would definately recommend Crabbe Homes if you want a stress-free experience.

- Josh & Erin

Loved working with them. They really care about you and they are very knowledgeable and answered our questions and concerns in a timely fashion!

- Kayla

My husband and I just moved into a new home built by Crabbe Homes. The home is beautiful and everyone we have worked with has been very helpful! I recommend them to anyone looking to purchase a new home.

- Kayla

We have been treated very well by everyone associated with Crabbe Homes. They treat you like a friend and run like a machine. The experience was smooth and professional. As busy as they must be they give you their full attention while with you. I was impressed with the systems and policies they have. They are obviously transparent, not may people would be willing to put themselves or their work-life on the internet as a free-for-all to be discussed. I am happy with my purchase and would do it again.

- Keely Cozad

When we walked into our home we automatically knew that this was the one. We made our offer and a few demands. Of course they counter offered but the demand were accepted. During our final walkthrough there were a few minor things that needed to be done, but they were able to fix those issues right then and there. They were very quick with their responses for service request. Our AC stopped working, but was fixed the very next day. Our sink had a little bit of a leakage, that was fixed the next day as well. We didn't notice this either until our dryer finally came, but the dryer vent in our laundry room didnt fit our dryer because it was an oval shape and not round like most dryer vents. It looked like the vent was forced into the hole which made it oval. They had someone come out to fix this issue as well. The only negative comment that I have for this company is that when we first started the process to purchase the house, not once did we speak to the listing agent. She wasn't even at the walk through. We spoke to the builder Adam the whole time. It wasn't until we called the office one day to submit a service request to Adam that they told us the proper steps to submitting the request and also told us that Adam was actually not the person that we're suppose to be dealing with. We didn't actually meet the listing agent until the day of the closing and she just basically came to pick up the check. Yes we had our own realtor but I just thought it was a little weird. As far as the construction of the house, it seems like the walls are really thin because you can hear the water running through the walls whenever someone flushes the master bath toilet or uses the master bath shower when sitting in the living room as it is located directly above it. There's also a clicking sound that can be heard whenever the shower of the master bath is in use. We hope to get that issue resolved whatever it may be. Overall I would recoomend Crabbe Homes to my friends or family because we really do a appreciate their prompt responses to our issues.

- Leanda & Gregory

I just wanted to thank John and his folks for taking care of an issue we had at our home. This is only the 3 rd issue, and John and his folks have teken of us each time. Thanks

- Mark

Wonderful experience. I have been extremely happy with everything that Crabbe has provided. Crabbe actually provided us with upgrades at no additional charge. They have been great to work with since closing, not that I have had issues to complain about, they just care about my experience. During our 60 day walk through John was most helpful. He is very customer service oriented. I am disappointed to see the negative comments as my experience was nothing but positive. Unfortunately too many people use this forum to complain. I would buy 10 more homes from Crabbe.

- Matt

I would like to give a big THANK YOU to Crabbe Homes who built our beautiful home and has at every turn done what's needed to make sure we're 100% happy with our purchase! What an amazing builder and group of people working for the company!

- Molly

Excellent building experience! John and Grayson were great with helping us to build the home we wanted whether it was adjustments to the floorplan or just little finishing touches here and there. Being in the military, the online selection system made picking brick, roofing, paints, and everything else so much easier since we were building our house from out of state. Everyone was easy to work with and made a potentially stressful event into an enjoyable experience.

- Raul & Christina

This was our 8th house my wife and I have purchased first time with Crabbe Construction was a great experience would definitely recommend Crabbe Construction and Team to anyone looking to build a home.

- Rick & Deborah

Henry and I wanted to thank-you for making our home buying experience a great one! Your positive attitude, professionalism and personal touch really made the difference for us.

- Sheila & Henry

After learning we were moving to the Clarksville area, we started looking at homes online. We discovered Crabbe Home' website and were wowed by the homes. We contacted the company and spoke to John Crabbe himself. We were eager to visit the area and meet with him and look at possible homes. Being first time home buyer, the process seemed daunting. Crabbe eased our concerns and helped us find the right floor plan for our needs. We purchased a home that was under construction and returned to Alabama. We were able to choose all of the finishes for our house online, which was great since we were out of town buyers relocating to Fort Campbell. When we returned to the area, our home was complete and everything was exactly how we envisioned it! Crabbe Homes has exceed our expectations in customer service, even after closing. They have never been further than a phone call away and have addressed any concerns we have had in a timely manner. We LOVE our home and have recommended Crabbe Homes to everyone we know moving to the area!

- Tricia