Making it Easier to Cook at Home

Cooking doesn’t have to be complicated! We all know that preparing meals at home is the healthier, more financially responsible {boo! hiss!} way to feed our families. We also know that is easier said than done for busy working professionals and parents who’s schedule is packed full of extracurricular activities. So, we are offering a few tips to help to set you up with a “resolution ready” kitchen to make it a touch easier.

1. Get your kitchen in order. Donate unwanted food to a local food bank. Audit your cutlery drawer and toss what is not needed. Clean the oven. Discard old sponges and towels. Sharpen your knives.

2. Take a peek at a few recipes. Not Martha Stewart or anything too involved. Read through a couple executable recipes to add to your arsenal. Compile a ‘to-cook’ list of recipe ideas. Having a few go to meal ideas helps to get food on the family table faster.

3. Agree to try something new. A big reason lots of folks eat out, is they tend to be more picky. Make an effort to try something new. Visit a local or ethnic food market. Vow to be more adventurous with the food choices you prepare for yourself. Attempt a new cooking technique. Think outside the comfort zone.