Create the Perfect Nursery in your Home

We love to see families thrive in new homes! One of the most enjoyable and exciting parts of the whole process could be preparing a room for your baby to sleep in. 

Many of our clients find that they can really make something special by working with an interior designer, who can help them to think through what they want their baby’s room to look and feel like, and to make it a perfect – and practical – space for their growing family. Here are a few tips for working with an interior designer to create the best nursery for your family.

Use mood boards

Deciding on the look you want is a vital first step. Are you looking for bright colors, or more natural shades? Do you want a lot of natural light, or a cosier feel? A good interior designer can help you to think through your options here, but by coming in with some ideas for what you like, you can help give a jump-start to the whole process. 

You can use Pinterest, magazines, imager searches and Instagram to see styles or ideas for decoration which you love, and collect them together in a mood board or a folder of pictures that covers the different things you’ve seen which you like. Remember that your interior designer is going to create something perfect and bespoke for you. Instead of choosing a list of must-haves, put together a selection of examples of styles and ideas you like, to give them space to be inspired and come up with something that’s uniquely right for your family.

Think about practicalities

As well as thinking about the perfect look for the room, you can think through the different things you’re going to need to do – and do quickly – in any childcare environment. Looking after a baby is a lot of work, and having the things you need close at hand, and the right furniture, will help you a lot. Think about changing tables, and storage for clothes. Think about where to include a garbage bin, and where you want to store clothes. Laying out the space carefully so that it’s a good mix of practicality (for you) and fun (for baby) will make sure that your beautiful space is a space that lasts all the way through early childhood.

Think about the long term

You may decide that your home is one you want to stay in through your children’s later childhood as well – and if so, you might want to design a nursery which can easily be changed to be less baby-oriented and more appropriate for older children, without too much complicated repainting or new furniture. If so, you might want to consider using a base of neutral colors, and using pictures or frames to bring in different bright colors and styles for different stages of life. You might also find it valuable to buy a crib which can easily be converted from a bed for very young babies, to a deeper one for older babies who can already stand, and again to a bed without high sides which is appropriate for children.

Having children is such a joyous time, and we love to help families get set up in their perfect home before baby arrives, so that they are right where they want to be while they focus on bringing up baby.

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