A Great Week is Ahead, Kick it off Right!

Another week is beginning with another opportunity to knock it out of the park! This week, take a few time outs for yourself to reduce stress and improve your well being. Here are a few tips to incorporate into your week to help usher in the next relaxing weekend.

  • Walk outside and gaze at the clouds. Let your mind playfully wander. 10 minutes is all it takes sometimes to calm your mind.
  • Inhale a scent you love. Linger on the fragrant aroma. Take a moments for deep breaths and enjoy a scent that brings you happy thoughts.
  • Do a mini declutter. We aren’t suggesting a full Marie Kondo work up. Organize a desk drawer that has gotten cluttered or reorganize your bathroom vanity for a less hectic morning.
  • Take a different route. Leave five minutes early for the office or kids’ practice and take the long way around. Get out of your rut and see new things.
  • Unplug and unwind. Make an effort to turn off your cell phone for an hour when you can and really connect with yourself and the ones you love.
  • Treat yourself. Our absolute favorite suggestion. TREAT YO SELF! Give yourself a little something special. Maybe its a sweet treat, a new book or a glass of wine. Whatever the treat, you’re worth it.

Cheers to another great week, friends! If any of us at Crabbe Homes can help make your week any better – we are only a phone call away. (931) 233-0565