New Year’s Resolutions for a Happy Household

Our houses are where everything begins and ends, the place we return to and feel safe. But more often than not, we overlook our homes when it’s time to set New Year’s resolutions. Use this Homeowner New Year’s Resolution Checklist to get your 2021 headed in the right direction!

Deep Clean
This is a must-do for everyone at the start of a new year. It seems we get so caught up in the day-to-day hustle that we clean what’s visible and walk away. We’re suggesting you go through everything – the attic, the cabinets, drawers. Dig it all up and clean out the clutter! A clean home is a happy home, and you’ll start your new year fresh!

One of the biggest inconveniences we’ve found is not knowing where things are around the house. One of the most practical and helpful items on our checklist is to organize your home this year. Make sure you know where your belongings are in the home and organize them in an easy-to-access way. The easier it is, the more convenient your day-to-day will be.

No one enjoys dealing with problems around the home – they’re tedious and seem to creep up at the worst possible moments. Our suggestion is to go around your home and make a list of all the appliances that may need updating or the different areas of the house you’d like to improve by end-of-year. Create a system where you can check all the items on your list with realistic time frames.

Plan for the future! If you plan on staying in your home for the foreseeable future, see what items you’d like to add now to make life more comfortable. If you plan on leaving, see what you can add to raise the resale value of your home. Planning makes goals much more successful! We also have a great network of local Realtors in the Clarksville, Tennessee and Bowling Green, Kentucky areas. We would love to connect you!

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