3 Great Tips for Moving Day

Moving In: What To Buy First For Your New Home

If you’re moving in to a new home, you can be sure that it’s been designed with care. But on the day you move in, there are just a few conveniences that you want to make sure you have right on hand. We’ve helped hundreds of people to find their perfect home, and we’ve learned a lot about how people can get the perfect start on the first day in their new home. So after you’ve moved in, here are the things you’ll want to make sure you have.

Make Sure Your New Home Has The Essentials

Some things just need to be in place, and if you don’t think of them first, you’ll only think of them when you need them. This is especially true for things you don’t want to need, but will be very grateful for when you have them – including vital safety equipment.

Your home is designed with the highest safety standards throughout – but keeping yourself safe and comfortable means you need the essentials. On that list has to be a basic first aid kit, for any bumps and scrapes while you’re setting up your new home, fire safety equipment for kitchen areas, and a plunger, to make sure your bathroom is ready for all eventualities.

Feel At Home Right Away With Simple Decorations

If you’re moving in to a Crabbe Homes built home which has benefited from professional design, you will see that there’s a lot of value to living in a place which has been fitted out with care. But even the best interior design is incomplete without the final creative voice: yours. When you move in to a new home, one of the most powerful things you can do to help yourself feel at home is put up family photos, favorite artworks, and ornaments which have come with you through life – but on the first day, something simpler can do a lot of good for you. 

Before you move, simply identify one photo or ornament for each room your family will be sleeping in, and one for the main living space, and put it up before you head to bed on the first night. Waking up to a home which is already filled with the things that tell you it’s home will help you to get off to a great start. 

Choose a restaurant for your first dinner delivery before you move

Moving in is hungry work, even with movers – and you’ll want food soon after you finish on your first day. So don’t leave the dinner decision until you’re tired and hungry. Instead, call ahead to your favorite restaurant the day before you move. Order your favorite meal, and give yourselves a first dinner together in your new home which feels just right. Or, if you’ve been getting excited about your move by looking at local places that you want to try for the first time, it can be a great way to make your first day end on a high note by planning in advance what you’ll eat to find your new favorite place in your new home.

Moving can be stressful – but we’re experts in helping people get to where they want to be. If you’d like to talk about how we can help, get in touch!

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